Thursday, July 14, 2011

Target Text Alerts: Coupons on the Go!

If you haven't signed up for TARGET'S MOBILE COUPONS yet, you are missing out!  I love this! So far, I've not been disappointed with what's been sent.  They send them up to 5 times per month and usually there are about 10 coupons to choose from.

You simply show your phone to the cashier and they can scan - YES, scan - the barcode or if there's a problem, the instructions are right there to show them how to manually enter!  E-A-S-Y!!

They only down side here is that you can only use it once per transaction (at least that is my understanding. Never tried any other way).  I still love it though!

Try it out! You can stop them at anytime.  But I promise, you won't. 

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