Coupon Etiquette

As I sit here getting ready to type this, it just amazes me that it is even necessary.  One would think that some of the things I am about to post are just well, for lack of better words, common sense.  For MOST people it is however, there ARE unfortunately, couponers out there that don't quite adhere to what is right, ethical or legal for that matter and often time, it is easy for new couponers to get mislead into thinking certain actions are okay. 

Here is a short list of things I hope will help the "newbie" couponers out and set the record straight in case you were unsure.

This list is also being set in place to help make your anxiety level at the cash register settle down abit. 

As with anything...we live AND we learn.

  • CLIP your coupons! Do NOT bring entire page/sheet to cashier.
  • Clip your coupons neatly.  Take care that the bar code and/or expiration date is not cut or missing.
  • Organize your coupons BEFORE you get to the register.  Do a "once over" them before handing them to the cashier.
  • Let the cashier KNOW you have coupons early on.  I also like to put my B1G1F's and FREE's on top as they can sometimes be the most challenging and time consuming.
  • Let the person with 1 item behind you..go ahead of you.  (There should be more of this in the world)
  • Let the person behind you know you have coupons, give them the CHOICE on whether or not they want to wait. <--This one usually gets good responses for me.
  • Be a "coupon fairy".  If you have extras that will go to waste or if it is an amazing coupon you just have NO use for....LEAVE it next to the product for the next lucky shopper to find!  I LOVE when I see this.  Makes me smile every time!  Feels good doing it too!

  • Photocopy ANY type of coupon!  Online printables have codes embedded into them.  Either way, it is ILLEGAL.  Period.
  • Accept coupons sent to you via e-mail unless you KNOW and trust the source or unless you have registered with the manufacturer to send you offers.
  • Be a "shelf clearer".  Even as a couponer, this irritates me.  If you are going to be "extreme" - plan ahead.  Call the store to see if they can accomodate you by ordering X number of products just for you. 
  • Buy a product with a coupon "just because".  If you will NEVER use it or donate it.  LEAVE IT be for the next person who really will.
  • Take all the "peelies" and/or "hang tags" off of products YOU are not buying.  This is one of my biggest pet peeves. 
  • Get discouraged if you don't see 90% savings off your purchases.  Especially at first.  It takes time to get THAT good. Even saving $1.00 off your bill is a good thing.  It's money IN your pocket. 

And THAT is what couponing is ALL about!

***For more in-depth information on legitimate coupon use and a list of known counterfeit coupons, etc. 
 Please visit the:  Coupon Information Center ***

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