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"See a penny, pick it up..." You would, wouldn't you?  Okay, so maybe not a penny but what about a dollar?  Surely you wouldn't pass THAT up! Well, I'm here to show you coupons are NO different!  Coupons are found money...FREE money! Yep...that's right...Paper Pennies...how many hundreds, er, thousands have YOU passed up or tossed in the :::gasp::: trash lately?? 

If you are like me, paying full price for anything really bothers me. I've asked myself  "why should I when I don't HAVE to!"  Especially when I am trying to eradicate debt! 

For me, having unnecessary bills and debt hanging over our heads is stressful and for some, it can take away the joy in everyday life.  Saving money by way of clipping coupons, price-matching or just changing little things around the house is a no-brainer way to alleviate some of that stress you might feel.  I personally, have experienced the joy of being able to donate to people and organizations in need where if it weren't for my "coupon, deal seeking, penny pinching crazy ways", I may not have been able to! 

 I am also able to relax more and sleep better at night knowing that I no longer just "throw money away" but have changed my way of thinking to a more "frugal like" state if you will.  I have come to discover that in more ways than one: 

"Spending Less really does mean Giving More!"

Thank you for visiting - All ideas for saving money welcome!

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