Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to School Breakfast Idea

As some of you can probably relate, the kids will be going back to school very soon and if your household is like mine...rushed in the morning, getting your child(ren) to eat a healthy (depending on choice of ingredients) breakfast, especially teenagers, can often be a stress inducing event! I personally do not think a pop-tart should be considered a healthy, brain feeding breakfast, again, that is just my opinion.  Don't get me wrong though, I HAVE been guilty of shoving one in my teenagers hand on the way out the door IS better than nothing at all...I suppose.

Anyway, for breakfast I often make breakfast burritos.  A food he LOVES.  Also, In the process I found out that not only are they pretty inexpensive (depending upon brand and quantity of ingredients used, these come out to around .75 cents each, give or take) to prepare a big batch, taste great and are a healthier, more satisfiying choice BUT they freeze very well.

Here's how I do it (you can decide how much of each item you will need based on family size):

Click here -->  For another burrito recipe from Ziploc!


  • Eggs
  • Green Onion, snipped (optional)
  • Green Pepper, diced (optional BUT provides great flavor)
  • Salsa (chunky is good)
  • Sausage Crumbles (I use Jimmy Dean)
  • Shredded Cheese, small handful or to your liking (I like the taco flavored)
  • Burrito Sized Tortilla Shells
  • Saran Wrap, Zip Lock Baggies or Freezer containers
Now, this is a very flexible recipe.  Keep in mind that the sausage does "up" the cost a bit BUT we really enjoy these and using a coupon (if available) lessens the blow.  You can use any type of sausage crumbled, I'm sure.  This is just our preference.  You can also add refried or black beans (rinsed) if you want to stretch this even further.

If your child hates onion OR green pepper or just doesn't like the chunky texture like mine...get sneaky creative and use an electric chopper (a MUST have in my house) to chop them down so they are hardly noticeable but you still get flavor and nutrional value!

Ok, moving on: 

  1. Place small amount of butter in pan, add sausage if using, heat for a couple minutes
  2. Add onions, peppers, etc.  cook till softened
  3. Add any seasonings now if you'd like - I will usually toss in a little chili seasoning or garlic powder (optional)
  4. Add about 1 good tablespoon of salsa
  5. Then add eggs and scramble.  When they are about 3/4 of the way done. Add cheese and put lid on. In my opinion this helps melt the cheese and provides some moisture to the eggs
  6. Once cheese is melted, remove from heat
  7. Fill each burrito shell with about 2 tablespoons or so of mixture.  It may not look like alot but it is.
  8. Roll burrito style and wrap in saran wrap
  9. Freeze.
  10. To reheat, you may have to play with this one as microwaves do vary but I just take it out of wrap, Place in slightly moist (wrung out) paper towel (to prevent drying) put on defrost for about 2 minutes, check it then heat for about a minute and a half or so, i like to flip it once for even heating.
Freezer options:  You can "flash freeze" them by placing on a cookie sheet, unwrapped and freezing till they just start to harden then placing in a zip-lock bag (they won't stick together if done this way), or by placing in a freezer container, depending on size could hold 4-6 side by side nicely.

Note:  I'm not sure I would add potatoes initially due to the water content.  I've read that this may make them soggy after defrosting and/or leave coldspots.  I've not tried them yet myself.

This a "mobile" breakfast too which unfortunately is a neccesity at times.


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