Household Tips

Over the years I never really thought much about simple things we take for granted everyday.  Things like flushing the toilet, brushing your teeth, showers, running the fans in the house.  But recently, I decided to look alittle closer at some of the things that literally suck money out of my pocket!   WOW!  Have I been tossing money away!!! I've made a few small changes recently and am already noticing considerable SAVINGS!   So I'm going to share a few of those things here with you....and more!!!

At the Grocery Store:
  • Sign up for a Rewards or Frequent Shopper card (if available)\
  • Use COUPONS!!! You can print them HERE to get you started- even ONE is money IN your pocket!
  • Browse once in a while.  You may see something (cheaper) you never noticed before!
  • Try different (less expensive) brands now and again.  Most times they are JUST as good!
  • Create a shopping list and STICK TO IT! <--Helps me tremendously!!! Though it takes a concious effort!
  • Remember:  Most more expensive products are at eye-level.  So look up and DOWN!!!  

The Clothes Dryer:
  • Run it at night and on "low" setting
  • Cut your dryer sheets in 1/2 - less is often just a good!
  • Be sure to clean your lint filter as dryer sheets create a build-up (reducing air flow)
  • Also be CERTAIN to clean the lint catcher (outside) - this also reduces air flow, effienciency and can be a fire hazard!
The Bathroom:
  • While brushing teeth, use a cup for water to rinse with.  Do not let water run constantly.
  • Fill a mid-size water bottle with some rocks/marbles and fill with water, replace cap.  Set in toilet tank to preserve water.  This has made a considerable difference in my house with 3 toilets!!!
  • Limit showers to 5 minutes, flat!  Set timer if necessary!
Glass Cleaner:
  • Depending on where you shop and whether or not you use a coupon, this stuff can be expensive! Try using a couple drops of Dawn dishsoap with water (just a couple drops!!)  and a squeegee! Talk about a great shine!!!
  • When all else fails...vinegar and water works wonders...absorbs nasty odors too!
  • Before you discard the Sunday newspaper...use IT to wash windows! Crumple alittle first! It might transfer some ink to your hands but they wash up ok!
  • Use return envelopes to write shopping trips on or for carrying your coupons in
  • Don't discard the shredded paper you create from keeping your identity safe...use it to stuff gift can be quite colorful sometimes!!!
  • If you have leftover blank paper from printing your coupons offline...use it as "scratch" paper for notes, etc.
  • Going to a child's birthday...or even some adults for that matter...wrap the gift in the Sunday comic strips! How fun!!!

 This list is just a start...I will be adding more...stay tuned and by all means, if YOU have a great money saving household tip, please send me a message so I can post it!!!


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