Monday, July 18, 2011

BENGAY: 2 HIGH Value Coupons still Available!

This first one is from the BENGAY website and I was able to print 2.  Not sure if there are any current sales going on for this one but even still, it's approximately $8.00 normally (this will vary from store to store) so even still....a pretty good deal!
This is how it reads:   Save $5.00 on ONE (1) BENGAY Cold Therapy Product (Expiration 8/17/11)

The next one is from and it is also a $5.00 off  BUT this one is even more enticing because you could have alot more options....a FREEBIE (with overage) at Wal-Mart I'm sure!  Print limit is also 2. Oh, and I used zip code:  77347

It reads:  Save $5.00 off ONE (1) BENGAY product (exc. trial size) (Expiration 9/15/11)

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